STS Approach Study


The Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport (STS) recently hosted two community outreach workshops to provide a comprehensive overview of an Approach Feasibility Study authored by consulting firm Cignus, a transportation management and engineering company.  Cignus was hired to perform an Approach Feasibility Study to understand the current airspace and procedures serving STS, so that they can further study the viability and practicality of developing new procedure(s) or modifying existing ones. The study aims to ensure that the proposed new procedures (if any) meet safety, regulatory, operational, and technical requirements.

Having evaluated all flight procedures serving STS, and reviewed all existing obstructions, existing flight track data, noise and operational complaints and limitations (if any) of the current procedures, the next step will be the development of new or revised procedures while evaluating impact on Airport traffic, airspace, regulatory requirements, and to the extent possible any associated environmental and noise impacts.

Each workshop presented the same material and was hosted in person and via Zoom Webinar. All community members were welcome to attend.  A court reporter took comments from community members. Comments were also be submitted online from November 1st to November 15.



We want to thank everyone for coming to our workshops to express their concerns and voice their opinions.  The answers to your questions are still being drafted; we will post them as soon as possible.  Thank you for your patience.